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Security Course

Get certified on Masergy advanced managed security for free.

Obtain your Masergy Partner Certification on Masergy Unified Enterprise Security Managed Detection and Response solutions. Taking our self-paced, online learning course provides you with the essential information needed to both understand the increasing cybersecurity threats your customers face and sell them on the industry's best advanced managed security solution.

What's in it for you?

A full day of expert cybersecurity training online that is easy to understand, self-paced and 100% free!

Maximize your earning potential for selling one of the hottest solutions for enterprise customers.

Get real-world examples of the problems your clients are facing to sell effectively.

  • The motivations and methods used by hackers to inflict damage on a global scale
  • The IT security strategies used by enterprises and why they are inadequate
  • Why Masergy's patented managed security is effective against advanced threats
  • The five best qualifying questions you should ask your customers
  • How to handle the major objections customers will throw at you

What you will learn!

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